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There is a minimum order of 6 per flavour. Or swing by our shop and pick up a box of cupcakes from our daily selection! :D
For large orders of 100 cupcakes or more please contact us at mmm@uglycakeshop.sg.

Juliana (Salted Caramel Cake)
Juliana (Salted Caramel Cake)

Juliana (Salted Caramel Cake)


Only available on Mon - Sat

Frosted with a velvety salted caramel buttercream, this cake is beautifully balanced between sweet and savoury.

Choose to have this "Naked" (no frosting on the side, as shown in the picture) or completely covered with buttercream - "Frosted on the Side" 

Please note: Words, if required, will be written on the cake board.

From S$55.00

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10-inch, Frosted on the Side (20 pax or more)


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10-inch, Frosted on the Side (20 pax or more)

10-inch, Naked (20 pax or more)

9-inch, Naked (8-12pax)

7-inch, Naked (6-8pax)

7-inch, Frosted on the Side (6-8pax)

9-inch, Frosted on the Side (8-12pax)

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Add S$120.00